A new way of screwing people is sticking out it's ugly neck these days: auto bookmarking and changing homepages. This is done with Encrypted JavaScript (a bug in Microsofts Internet Explorer). This will allow people to add bookmarks or change your browser's homepage without you knowing it. Tactics like these should be illegal. If you have your homepage changed, please report it to the FTC or something, maybe some action can be taken. In the meantime, you can prevent this from happening by making some changes in the settings of your browser. This is only needed for MicroSoft's Internet Explorer. Click here to read how to change these settings. I highly suggest you check it out. It's a pity there are people out there that take adventage of things like these. People that do this should be put out of business. They trick and cheat people to get visitors to their site so they can sell advertising to their customers. People like that are ruining it for the ones that try to run an honest site. Ah well, at least this can be stopped.